For me, Maison Martell is built on tradition, but also open to the vitality of the contemporary world. This energy is at the core of my inspiration. The East meeting the West is an odyssey. It is full of contrasts, surprises, audacity, vibrant intensity.

Angel Chen

Martell Noblige Limited Edition by Angel Chen Martell Noblige Limited Edition by Angel Chen

Martell Noblige Limited Edition by Angel Chen

For the 2020 festive season, Maison Martell is renewing its Martell Exclusives initiative, bringing together an international trio of creative talents to reinterpret three emblematic products as part of a limited-edition gifting collection. 

Fashion designer Angel Chen has developed a bold and colourful style which mixes traditional Chinese motifs with modern Western aesthetics, reflecting her cosmopolitan background. The design, which covers the Noblige bottle in her signature colours of red, yellow and blue, is an evocation of Maison Martell’s first shipments to China in 1858, as well as the encounter of East and West represented by this collaboration. 

Martell Noblige Limited Edition by Angel Chen The Spirit

The Spirit

What makes a party exceed all expectations? The throbbing pulse of Martell cognac firing up the blood captivating, more eye-catching than light itself astonishing surprises that take your breath away making you see beyond what’s before you and expect only the unexpected Martell Noblige parties are all this and more.

Martell Noblige Limited Edition by Angel Chen Tasting notes

Tasting notes

A masculine and elegant cognac, expressive of the fruit’s smooth and generous sensuality balanced with complex wood notes.


Dark gold with copper hues.


Abundant fruit: Lemon, pear and prune.
Exotic delights: Vanilla pod and caramelized grapes.
Wood character: Sweet myrrh, cedar and fine-grained oak.


An elegantly structured marriage of strength and smoothness emerges.
A good length.


A cognac to enjoy neat, over ice or in long drinks and cocktails.

 70cl bottle of Cognac

70cl bottle of Cognac

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